Disclaimers and Credits:

Disclaimers: This is a work of original Uberesque fiction. The events and characters came straight from the voices in my head. Some real places and people are mentioned, I have altered them just enough to suit my purposes. Remember this is just for entertainment purposes, it's entertained me and I hope it entertains you.

Ratings: This is intended for mature readers only. This isn't going to be pretty.

Thanks to: MES it's good to have a cheerleader for every inane thing I try. KDM for your undying support and willingness to read each rewritten word with fresh eyes. SF for a freakish insight. PO Tom Hall for your technical advice and good humor.

Special Thanks to: My beta and more, LATucker for helping me look better than I am, for making me smile more than I thought was possible, and for proving to me that all cell phones are not evil.  Ditto.

This is my first attempt writing anything longer than my name so feedback would be greatly appreciated: Julie Baker

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