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1-The Root of All Evil

2-That Punch Has Quite the Kick

3-Why Caffeine Got Its Bad Reputation

4-Pitching To and Fro

5-Pies, Thighs and Little White Lies

6-When You Do More Than Finish Each Other's Sentences

7-When Life Hands You Lemons

8-(Insert Neil Sedaka Breaking Up Song Here)

9-Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too

10-Your Call Is Important To Us

11-The Ford Unfocused

12-From A Distance, The World Looks Blue and Green

13-Tuesdays Can Be Such A Bitch

14-Such As We Are Made Of, Such We Be

15-Strange and Stranger

16-T Minus and Counting

17-Planes, Refrains and Automobiles

18-In The Days of Old Angst Time

19-Morrison, Cliburn, Heflin, Johnson, Pelt and Damm

20- If You Can't Be Part of the Solution, Be The Problem