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update May 29, 2009  Wow, nearly 6 years since I've updated this site! That's a very long time. It took me a LONG time to remember the password to even be able to access the editing tools so I could add this message.
Those folks looking for an update or additions to The Light Fantastic series. I am sorry, I just can't do it. Due to some very tedious health issues, I really can't write any more. Believe me, I've tried. And tried. At night, when I try to sleep, some great stories unfold in my brain, but I can't seem to type them out at will any more. Where as my thoughts used to flow like Niagara Falls on laxatives, they now jumble and back up like a hair clogged drain. It's not writer's block, it's my friggin' fibromyalgia -- look it up if needed, I don't want to dwell -- and fibromyalgia has robbed me of the mental and physical ability to write. Now I have trouble just reading a paragraph, much less trying to write a cohesive one. Thanks to all that have written me and asked for another sequel, I really hate to disappoint. Perhaps sometime in the future. Or not. As I have told many through e-mails, I am quite happy imagining my characters in their happy places. Who am I to fuck with their contentment? If you'd like to contact me to chat, look for L.A. Tucker on Facebook.
September 20, 2003  It's been a while since I checked in,  so I thought I'd do so this morning before I head off to work.  Hurricane Isabel has caused a lot of damage, fortunately, around here all we got was a ton of rain along the fringes as she blew through.  It's tough watching CNN and seeing the damages she caused in her main path.  Poor folks.

I still haven't been writing of late. I don't seem to have the inspiration to do so. Maybe my life is running too smoothly. <g>  I seem to want to write when under stress - perhaps to escape it -- and I haven't felt stressed, except at work, in a long while.

On the book publishing front, well, it's in the can. Final edits are over (thank you Marie and debra!) and much to my surprise,  I received a bunch of advance copies of it via UPS the other day.  I thought it was a shipment from eBay, and almost didn't open it right away. Then, I took a moment, and realized I hadn't ordered anything that big from eBay. So I opened 'er up, and whoa!  It looks purty, and I'm going to take these advance copies with me to the DC Bardfest (which I refer to as Bardapalooza) and see if I can get rid of them there.  I only got 15 advance copies, about 5 of them are already promised out, so I won't have many of them to dispose of.  The book will be released, ah, I think about the first week of November for order on Amazon and probably the Open Book.  I have no idea how this all works. I'm not into promoting it much, if a person wants to buy it, they can. The book is heavy and thick at 452 pages, and the price (which I had no control over) is hefty, too. $24.95. Yikes. I've never paid that much for a book that isn't a hardcover, so I doubt others will, either. Either way, its nice to see it all in one edited edition, and that's good enough for me.  I've never had an ISBN # before, and that in itself is pretty way cool.  It's published through Regal Crest, a subsidiary of RAP.  I really should get around to updating my website to reflect that. Oh, bother.

Summer is pretty much over here in western PA,  we may get the kayak out again before the lake gets too cold, and I hope we can play 9 holes on a converted cow pasture golf course before the snow flies.

I'm selling carpeting now, so if you're in the market, send me your room dimensions, and I can set you up with a nice plush.  I also sell ceramic tile and vinyl flooring, and know how to install it, so if you're thinking of fixing up your bathroom, I can help out with the technical questions. <g>  Thinset, grout, mortar? I'm your girl.

Any of my fans (all 13 of them) who want to honor me by having my ISBN# tattooed on their bicep, here ya go:  1-932300-14-7.  Send me a picture of it, I'll put it up on the website -- if I can remember all the passwords to access it.

Take care, and if any of you are going to Bardapalooza in DC, hunt me up and say howdy. I'll probably babble my fool head off to you.


March 19,2003  Happy New Year! A sad nearly spring day here, I'm watching Dan Rather report on the first bombings near Baghdad. I can't think there are too many here in the U.S. who really support this war, we support and pray for the lives of our soldiers, but get them the hell out of there. Pronto.

As for updates to the site, I believe I have a doozy -- four pages, count 'em, 4 pages of Pasadena Con photos taken by Julie Baker. (I may have wrassled the camera from her to take a shaky shot or two, but most of the time I was staring at Renee through binoculars.) We didn't have Gold seats by any means, but Julie has a quite nifty camera with a long lens and the pictures turned out quite decent after she cropped out a few fans' heads. So take a look and enjoy, and feel free to save them to your hard drive if you like one or two or more. If you want to direct folks to the site so they can take a gander, feel free.Pasadena Con,

On the writing front, my editor is hard at work chipping away at my million page tome, The Light Fantastic. I've gotten the first half of it back from her, and as I sit editing away on her suggestions, all I can think is -- how the hell did I write that monster? Jeez, and how can anyone sit and read through it? But anyway, things are going smoothly, so the publication date of August should be right on schedule. Actually, I'm looking forward to that date so I can get Cate Swannell's book, which will be coming out at the same time.

I have a couple of stories to post here at the site, previously posted at Merwolf. I also will be getting up the first three chapters of Not Quite Right here at the site, although it is on the back burner right now -- in other words, read it at your own risk, because I don't plan on updating it any time soon.

No, I haven't started writing Moonlight Madness, either. I have to read First Lady, by Blayne Cooper and TNovan about a zillion times so I can get inspired.

Meanwhile, good thoughts are going out to the whole world. God Bless The World, not just America.

December 2, 2002  I've been a busy bear. I'm thinking there are not too many dead ends on the site now, everything has a rhyme or reason, unlike my real life. My girlfriend, who has been suffering under the effects of the horrid bronchitis monster for a week or two now, has told me she's going sledding tonight. Does me bitching sound like I'm being a hypochondriac on her behalf?

It's 19 degrees here, just in case anyone thinks I exaggerate about the weather here in upstate PA. I put 300 lbs. of sand in the back of my Mazda pick-up truck. And it's still sliding around like a drunk Dorothy Hamill on three sizes too big skates.

My dog absolutely refuses to let me use her as a 40 lb. comforter at night. She sleeps under the bed, of all places. What good is that to a freezing owner? I tend to believe its because of my snoring.

 KGMacGregor has written a Mel and Jan story which I read over the weekend. I gotta say it's pretty damned good. I've never been much of a M&J fan, except for the stories of Vivian Darkbloom and Archeobard, but KG nailed their personalities while attacking a different aspect of their lives. Well done. Like a steak!

 I start a new job on Wednesday. So much for getting any personal writing done, although I did write a short one last week. Not sure yet what I'm going to do with it. It's not posted here yet, it has to go through beta (Hellooo Sara and BJ!) so expect to see it after the first of the year.

I hope to have the next few chapters of Julie's Negative Reaction up tonight, too.

December 1st, 2002  Well, I added a link to a yahoo groups site, for updates only. I can't imagine anyone wanting to actually chat about the stories. Later tonight, I hope to get Julie Baker's first 7 chapters up of Negative Reaction. Check out the license plate: J Baker.

November 21, 2002  Holy Procastination, Batman!  After having no excuse whatsover, I've finally done a re-tool on the site. It's cleaner, easier to load, and I got to use some of my favorite graphics.
Some of the links, especially to The Light Fantastic are going to take a while to put up, but most of the other stories are there, Not Quite Right will go up next.

In the meantime, Julie Baker has started posting her story, Negative Reaction,  and I hope to twist her arm and hopefully she'll let me post the story here, too. Those are her photos in the Accessories section.

Sara has been toiling away on schoolwork, and beta-ing for Julie and moi.  I've been beta-ing for J, too. So who is she beta-ing for?  Hmm.

KG MacGregor has posted Strained, and says (yeah, sure <g>) that she's working on a Janice and Mel story.  I can't wait!  (Plus, since I don't feel much like writing of late, it's good that my friends are showing me a good example at least.)

Thankgiving coming up soon, I got a new job (yet again, why do I keep taking jobs I know I'll hate?) and this one oughta be a keeper.  I expect to have a lovely weekend.

Went to get my internal plumbing checked today, and my female doctor is so slick, I didn't even realize I was being groped, she was chatting away so much.  That's pretty awesome, when a lesbian gets fondled and probed by a woman and doesn't even notice the whole time.

A big American shout out to my friends at CUA -- and dammit, I want to get up there soon to visit!

As soon as I get a spare moment, I am looking forward to sitting down and devouring GS Binkley's new one:  Here Comes My Woman.  I'm a tres, tres big fan! Wahoo!

August 22, 2002  Well, it's been a while since I updated. Pretty soon, I'll have the whole place spiffed up and ready to roll.  Today I'm adding the rest of The Inside Out to this website, tonight I hope to have all of my short alt fiction story, Between a Memory and a Dream up, probably in the Assorted and Sundry section.

What can I say?  I've been finishing a couple of stories, and then buying a kayak.  Summer is winding down.

I understand one of my favorite new writers, KG Macgregor, will be posting her sequel to Shaken sometime soon. I can't wait!!

Also hope to have links up to RAP books soon, too.  And more photographs, mine and my main Ditto, Julie.  Lots of work to do here on the site, but since it's a nice day, I'm off to Misery Bay to do some heavy duty paddling.

Check back for updates.

July 2, 2002  Ohmygod, it's a Tucker!! Get a net and a can of Raid!


June 28, 2002  Added Part 20 of The Inside Out

June 26, 2002  I have done absolutely jackshit in regards to writing the next chapter or adding to this site.  Mostly I've been reading some very lousy stuff. I won't name names.

I did manage to put in an airconditoner in my little house on Route 20. I'm a moose. A handy dyke.  Of course, now that the AC is in the window, the heat wave has broken.

I did watch two movies --  Aimee and Jaguar then Johnny Greyeyes. I liked the former.

My phone bill is going to be enormous, but I'm not complaining.

TK has been sending me my horoscopes, in hopes that my life would mirror the messages.  Better she should send me old The Born Loser comic strips. <g>

I do know that The Inside Out is now on the end run.  My next effort?  Taking some time off from writing. May write a short story. But the next time around is general fiction. Long form or short.

I just ordered a book from Amazon -- The Good to the Great by Jim Collins.

TK, beta extraordinaire, likes Chapter 20 and she hardly ever enthuses, so I must have done something good. Now where is 21 coming from?

June 23, 2002:  2AM. Arrgh. This website building and loading is twisting my brain.  More than the usual.  I have a whole new kind of respect for all those fine folks who have maintained websites for years. I can't even imagine how much time it must take them, and the sheer determination involved. Thank you!

Finished loading, up to Chapter 19, The Inside Out. Chapter 18 has a nice graphic at the end that I decided to include. Next up, The Light Fantastic Coloring Book. <g> Good lord, I can't wait (not!) to start posting TLF -- should take me until my 23rd birthday. Cough.

On the OUTSTANDING news front, I just finished reading Advocate's new one. Yowzer!  I'm a big slobbering fan, and I don't care who knows it.  And for some reason, after I got done with the story, I had a mad desire to visit a salad bar.

I hear Radclyffe has a new one posted, I think I'll mosey on over there...

June 21, 2002: Finally loaded the Inside Out cover page. There's a link on it in case y'all want to write to moi and get on an announcement list for updates. I'm going to load all the chapters, too. Well, what I have completed. I refuse to rush my picky and perfect beta/reader, TK. Having her edit my stuff is like I've got a full access pass to all the letters on my keyboard.

I've got the travel bug, and keep checking rates for different places at Travelocity. Today it was Vancouver, Chicago and going to see 'Oklahoma' on Broadway. I fear not the safety of the airlines.

First day of summer, and muggy as all get out. The Diana Krall DVD is splendid stuff.

June 14, 2002: Added two pages of photos by Julie in the Nonsense section. The Nonsense road sign picture is an actual picture, not a mock-up, of a real road sign that was made by mistake. And people wonder where I get my ideas. Just look around, you'll see absurdity all around, just begging to be entered into a story. Hopefully will get the front page for The Inside Out posted today, with actual links to chapters. Still raining, so I can't mow the north forty. Is there such a thing as mowing withdrawal?

June 12, 2002: Got the front page debugged, finally. New at this website building stuff. Think I'm going to use this page as a mini-diary of sorts. I have a writer's block or something. I'd rather play with pictures and my lawnmower, but I can't cut the grass because of rain and my bum leg.

That's a toaster oven, if you're wondering.

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